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In today’s competitive business scenario and fast paced world we spend most of our time sitting on chairs which is a direct short cut to obesity and other health related problems. In such cases it is crucial to choose the comfortable chairs rather than sitting on uncomfortable hairs for long. So as to shun health risks. As far as chairs are concerned the hours need is to balance the elements of functionality and style to get the right office chair.
Kinds of office chairs:
1. Elegant office chairs: These chairs give the feel of professionalism. Leather chairs and mesh office chairs are best examples of such kind of chairs.
a. Leather office chair: Though old but unique. Yes, the time has been continuously changing but leather chairs are at its position because these chairs describe or say symbolize the fundamental values of business i.e. sturdiness and strength. Moreover such chairs play an important role in impressing potential clients.

b. Mesh Office Chairs: Because of breathable ability of its fabric many people prefer such chairs. These are the chairs which are considered most comfortable. Its major benefit is that mesh allows the high airflow in the back of the chair. It can be felt by the people working in non AC environment. The mesh chairs are advancing fast on the traditional chair dealers as they are sometime made from 80% recycled materials

2. Rolling Office Chairs: Rolling office chairs have an apparent advantage of easy movements. Besides, these chairs offer additional benefits such as immense support and flexibility. Rolling chairs help enhance productivity by saving time and effort.

3. Office massage chairs: These chairs are designed with straight back and arm rests. Such chairs should hold the adjustable tools like tilt, tension, swivel and lift height. Likewise any office chair, the material should be of superior quality and should be comfortable. The main parts of these chairs are massaging chair motors. This is the power behind the rollers, which help the rollers to move to the right areas, along with making necessary seat adjustments.

4. Drafting Chairs: These chairs are well suited for server rooms, architects, retail applications and many more.

5. Ergonomic Office Chairs: These chairs are the best choice as these ensure correct posture and fit. Such chairs are a necessity for those working for long hours.

6. Big and tall office Chairs: These are well suited for big and tall people who want to work with comfort rather than forcibly fit into small chairs.

Heavy Duty Office Chairs, Big and Tall
Heavy Duty Office Chairs, Big and Tall














7. Wooden office chairs: Wood Office Chairs are absolutely fine for the home office or traditional office. These are also called as banker’s chairs. Many of our wood office chairs feature a padded seat. A wood office chair symbolizes elegance and style. It can be made out of oak, cherry, or maple wood. These chairs are important part of corporate environment.

There are many specific areas that you need to consider when figuring out how to choose the best office chair for your work situation. Firstly, consider the type of furniture located in your workplace. Secondly, consider your physical needs and your daily routine. Thirdly, take into consideration the number of people going to use your office chair. Finally, the budget or your financial resources you are going to spend on buying chairs. Moreover don’t forget the comfort zone you need.

Relax with an office chair with leg rest from
Relax with an office chair with leg rest from

Electric Height Adjustable Desks

Ergonomics is all about choosing something that fits the individual like a Electric Height Adjustable Desk Similar to choosing a suit or a pair of jeans, if the item feels good, then so do you. That’s why ergonomic desks come in all shapes and sizes, taking on board the person and the responsibilities of the job.

The height of a desk or table normally falls within 24 and 27 inches and, with an ergonomic chair, the set-up should be that the user’s lower arms lie horizontally on the armrests, to meet the desk comfortably. But a chair is height adjustable, meaning that if a tall person is sitting in the ergonomic chair, there may be little clearance for the legs under the desk and the forearms may be on a downward slope, as they reach the keyboard. It therefore makes sense that desks are also height-adjustable.

So, when the ergonomic office chair and the height-adjustable desk come together, they should be covering the following points:-

• The legs slide comfortably under the desk and the person’s feet sit firmly on the floor (someone with restricted growth may make use of an ergonomic footrest, to achieve ideal posture)

• The forearms are positioned horizontally, using the armrests for full support, so that hands meet the desk comfortably, without any need to bend the wrists unnaturally

• The monitor is placed directly in front of the user but set back at least 20 inches and its height should be such that the eyes look down ever so slightly, to read the screen. Some ergonomic desks have an extra shelf attached to the back of the desk top, on which a monitor can stand, though getting the eye-to-screen mathematics right is paramount, when making a desk choice. There are also monitor lift arms, which can mount a monitor at the right height for the individual

• The desk is not too deep, that reaching becomes an issue.

Ergonomic desks come in a variety of shapes – the normal rectangular, L shaped, curved front, rounded edges, split level and also with suspended keyboard tray. Height-adjustable tables also cater for work which is better done standing up e.g. looking at plans and pointing to information being discussed, or sorting information into folios or piles where, without that extra height, stooping would be necessary.

Working out what’s right for you may seem a bit of a challenge but, with the above information, you can see what ergonomics is all about. Like that suit or pair of jeans, you now know what you’re looking for.

Whats left is a ergonomic office chair like the Active Ergonomics Flo Chair or the heavy duty Bodybilt chair

Electric Height Adjustable Desks
Electric Height Adjustable Desks

Ergohuman Office Chairs

The Ergohuman chair is now Certified in the UK and is 97% Eco-friendly

Certified to BSEN5459 (2000) Part 2 : structurally suitable and sufficiently stable for use as an office chair for up to 24 hours a day, when used by persons up to 150kg in weight.

Eco-friendly – 97% of the Ergohuman® chair is made with recycleable materials

ERGOHUMAN conforms to BS 5459-2:2000 Specification for performance requirements and tests for office furniture. Office pedestal seating for use by persons weighing up to 150kg and for use up to 24 hours a day, including type-approval tests for individual components

BS 5459-2 specifies performance requirements and test methods for the structural safety and stability of office pedestal seating when used by persons weighing up to 150 kg, or when used for up to 24 hours a day, including chairs for use with tables and desks higher than those specified in BS EN 527-1.

It also specifies requirements and test methods for type-approval of bases, columns, seat actions, back stems and locking devices.

BS 5459-2 seeks to ensure that the seating will not become a danger or cause injury to users when it is used as office seating in a manner which is foreseeable

Ergohuman Chair
Ergohuman Chair

The Ergohuman Ergonomic Office Chair is an innovative, modern, ergonomic chair that combines complete functionality with optimal comfort. The Ergohuman utilizes state of the art upholstery coupled with a wide array of ergonomic functions to make this chair perfect for any user. A synchro-tilt mechanism allows for smooth, controlled adjustments while keeping your body in an ergonomically correct position. Versatile casters allow for nice movement on carpeted or hard surfaces. This is an opportunity to sit comfortably in one of the newest ergonomic mesh chair today.

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Mirus Office Chair - Latest in the Ergohuman Range
Mirus Office Chair – Latest in the Ergohuman Range