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Simply Ergonomic was delighted to take part in the latest Channel4 series “You Deserve This House” with a bright orange Ergohuman chair for Christine Anderson, charity volunteer of the Cheetahs wheelchair sports club. Christine used to have a basic leather chair with fixed arms and no lumbar support, she is now the proud honor of a comfortable Ergohuman chair matching her new contemporary home office.

Will Amanda Lamb and her team of volunteers from the disabled sports club be able to secretly complete the home redecoration of Christine Anderson in Thornton, Lancashire?

Christine voluntarily runs the Cheetahs wheelchair sports club, where disabled and able-bodied children can play wheelchair sports.

But while she jets off on a luxurious spa break, some of the parents and children she has helped get to work making-over her conservatory, bedroom and office as a well-deserved surprise for her return.

Ergohuman Orange Mesh Chair as seen on TV
Ergohuman Orange Mesh Chair as seen on TV


You Deserve this House 9 (series-1, episode 9) was shown on Thursday 8th of March 2012 at 11h00am.
The episode is currently available for viewing on 4 OnDemand.

Ergohuman Office Chair
Ergohuman Office Chair

Ergohuman Orange Mesh Office Chair from Simply Ergonomic

Mirus Office Chair

The Ergohuman range of office chairs are stunning and, although they are similar but different, you’ll be hard-pushed to choose the one for you. The Mirus is the latest addition and, like many of the other designs, it also boasts the single-lever control, which allows you to adjust the three popular features of seat height, seat depth and back tilt.

The seat height makes the seat available to short, medium and tall users, getting the seat pad in position to allow your feet to touch the floor comfortably. The seat depth complements the seat back’s purpose of addressing height, in that it allows you to make sure that your thighs are fully supported and your knees fold comfortably at the seat pad end. Like in a car, the seat tilt is about feeling right and getting your arms and hands to meet the working area (keyboard or desk as opposed to the steering wheel) at the most effective distance.

The multi-directional neck-roll gets the support just where you need it, as is the case with the 3D lumbar support facility. The seat slide manoeuvre adds the finishing touches.

The Mirus Office Chair is one of the Ergohuman range of office chairs that offer a zero-pressure seat cushion, with the purpose of distributing weight evenly and making sitting feel like a luxurious experience, rather than being simply to take the weight off your feet.

When choosing the frame, you can opt for either black or white with aluminium, or all-black, complemented by the all-aluminium base and five black castors.

Three of the nine models come with a 3D headrest and, in a choice of either fabric or mesh which both come in a range of colours, you really will be hard-pushed for choice.

The Mirus Office Chair is 98 percent recyclable and really does deserve your attention, before making your mind up about which Ergohuman ergonomic chair should be the one to serve your personal needs.

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Mirus-Office Chair - Ergohuman Range
Mirus-Office Chair - Part of the Ergohuman Range of Office Chairs
Mirus Office Chair
Mirus Office Chair from